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Plastics for longer life® - Increase the service lives of your machines with plastics

Lifetime up - costs down

Lower costs and raise service life by eliminating lubrication and lowering maintenance works, everything delivered from stock immediately - that is the core idea and objective behind all igus® products, systems and services.

igus® plastics with their tested and proven properties in durability, friction and stability are the main focus of the igus® products.

We offer you 100,000 products from stock and from "Size One".

New products for a lubricant-free world  

New products for a lubricant-free world

The dry-running polymer bearings save money and increase the safety of machinery. Lubricant and maintenance-free plastic bearings are also environmentally friendly:

Worldwide, more than 50% of lubricants are discharged into the environment. (State of Baden-Württemberg Environmental Protection Agency)

In a global lubricant consumption of 37.3 million tons per year (RWTH Aachen), more than 18 million tons are thus discharged without any safeguards into the environment

Malfunctions due to deficient lubrication cause USD 240 billion in damage in the US alone (MIT)

Germany consumes 1.1 million tons of lubricant per year in metal processing operations, involving the use of various oils to lubricate machinery and machinery elements, as well as hydraulic oils for operating equipment (study by the State of Baden-Württemberg Environmental Protection Agency)

Lubricant free bearing technology - works longer - cost less

Innovations with high performance plastics

igus® polymer plain bearings constitute the step from a simple plastic bushing to a tested, calculable and readily available machine element.
Our research is essentially aimed at precise forecasts of bearing properties - especially the service life - achieved by continuous advancements in materials.

Low weight, corrosion resistance as well as zero maintenance and lubrication achieve solutions for nearly all types of applications.
Install and forget!

Lifetime predictable  

Calculable service life - Free from lubrication

Managing without lubrication is the dream of every design engineer. The igus® polymer plain bearings make it a reality. After research spanning decades, an accurate calculation of the service life of polymer plain bearings is possible today.

Various iglidur® materials for very different application conditions.
A wide range of dimensions and applicable almost everywhere. Calculable service life!

Install and forget - suitable solution from stock

lnnovative, quick to mount and high value products

Delivery from stock saving storage costs for you

Large range of products – Suitable solution found immediately

Time-saving tools on the web

Customized and ready-to-install supply of components

Swift project planning and consulting with an increasing network of local sales engineers in Germany and all over the world.

With the igus® maintenance-free polymer plain bearings, we can assist you in improving your products and at the same time reduce costs.

Query to the product specialists  

e-chain® - Cable - Guarantee

energy chain  

The umbilical cord for your automation

e-chain systems® are lifelines to modern machines. They supply energy, data and pulses while moving about constantly. We look upon it as our task to offer you all the components - e-chain®, all cables and every accessory - as a single system and be accountable for the function.
igus® e-chain systems® provide numerous design advantages:

Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic energy, as well as digital signals - electric or with light - liquid media can be supplied in parallel

Compact installation

Quiet running

Capability of withstanding high accelerations

Resistance to wind, weather, dirt and chemicals

Easy assembly of modular systems on location

Quick assembly and upgrading of cables

chainflex® works or money back

For the customer, the production must go on without problems and an energy supply system should accordingly function smoothly. That presupposes the effortless performance of all components and the cables inserted in them. igus® was the first company to develop complete e-chain system®. chainflex® cables and e-chain® are supplied from one source and - according to application - offered with a system guarantee. The design principles that today prevent machine downtimes in factories all over the world have originated and emerge from the know-how and elaborate series of research that have steadily grown since 1989.

chainflex® works or money back  

Benefits of tribopolymers

Triboplastics are tribologically optimized material compounds and the basis of all igus® products and systems.

Benefits of tribopolymers    

The igus® quality

You can rely on the igus® quality.

The igus® quality    

Individual consultation

Individual consultation and planning by igus® - on telephone or at your location

Individual consultation    

igus® factory in Cologne

Die igus® factory in Cologne - by Nicholas Grimshaw

igus® factory in Cologne    

Polymer bearings applications overview

Polymere bearings application examples overview

Polymer bearings applications overview    

e-chain® Applications Overview

Overview of the e-chain system® applications

e-chain® Applications Overview    
manus® contest 2019  
manus® award

manus® award for polymer bearings.

vector award  
vector award

vector award for bold energy supply solutions, e-chain systems® with cables, induction and wireless.