igubal® self-aligning maintenance-free spherical bearings made of high-performance polymers

igubal® is a system of self-aligning bearing elements completely made of plastic.

With the igubal® type series, a complete system of self-aligning bearing elements are available for the design engineer: Rod end bearings, clevis joints, flange bearings, spherical bearings and pillow block bearings.

Self-aligning bearings are easy to mount, suit all angular variations and in many cases have already been able to replace special housings.

The igubal® user utilizes all advantages of the employed high performance plastics. They have excellent vibration dampening properties, and are technically applicable in dry operation. They are insensitive to dirt, can operate in liquids and even in chemicals and are completely resistant to corrosion.

Bearing elements of the igubal® type series are very light, save installation space by their dimensions and save your costs twice: first in procurement and second in operation by the saving of maintenance and installation costs.

Advantages of igubal®:

Especially low-priced, maintenance-free

No lubrication, insensitive to dust and dirt

Corrosion-free, applicable in liquid media

vibration dampening

Inner rings mounted with extremely low clearance

No dirt penetration


Applicable up to +200°C depending on the material selection

igubal® product finder for the right spherical bearing

Service life prediction in igubal® expert

You will find more accurate details about the suitability and service life of iglidur® spherical bearings in the igubal® expert system.

igubal® spherical bearing product overview

igubal® rod end bearings

Rod end bearings, angle joints, axial joints and accessories

igubal® rod end bearings    

igubal® clevis joints

With spring loaded pins and circlips

igubal® clevis joints    

igubal® pillow block bearing

Dimensional series E/K in metric and inch dimensions

igubal® pillow block bearing    

igubal® flange bearing

With 2 and 4 mounting holes

igubal® flange bearing    

igubal® spherical bearing

Dimensional series E/K, double joints and special parts

igubal® spherical bearing    

igubal® - Spherical axial bearing

Consisting of housing pad and spherical washer

igubal® - Spherical axial bearing    

igubal® spherical balls

Dimensional series E/K in metric and inch dimensions

igubal® spherical balls    

igubal®- detectable

igubal® detectable - locate quickly through detectable materials

igubal®- detectable    
igubal® angle and axial joints  

igubal® Axial joint

low-priced, many combination potentials

igubal® angle and axial joints  

igubal® axial joint

For all mechanical combinations


igubal® coupling bars

Reduce costs and time with removable ball pins

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